ACOMHS members

See below a list of our member services, and their accreditation status.

If you are interested in becoming a member of ACOMHS please visit our how to join page.

Alternatively, please contact the project team.

Region Trust/Health Board/Organisation Service Status
South West  Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS TrustSwindon Recovery TeamAccredited until August 2021
 Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS TrustWiltshire Sarum CMHTMembers
South EastHertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation TrustCentenary HouseIn review 
 Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation TrustCygnet HouseAccreditation deferred
 Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation TrustHolly LodgeIn review 
 Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation TrustOxford HouseAccredited until September 2022
 Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation TrustRosanne HouseIn review 
 Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation TrustSaffron GroundAccreditation deferred
Northern IrelandBelfast Health and Social Care TrustNorth Belfast Recovery TeamAccredited until October 2019
 Northern Health and Social Care TrustBallymoney CMHT

Accredited until November 2021


 Northern Health and Social Care Trust Magherafelt CMHTIn review 
LondonEast London NHS Foundation TrustBethnal Green CMHTAccredited until May 2020
 East London NHS Foundation TrustNewham South Recovery TeamAccredited until March 2022 
 East London NHS Foundation TrustNewham North Recovery Team Members
Yorkshire & HumberBradford District Care NHS Foundation TrustBradford CMHTAccredited until October 2019
 Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation TrustNorth Lincs Recovery TeamIn review 
 South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation TrustAdult ADHD and Autism Service - Manygates Clinic Accreditation deferred
 Sheffield Health & Social Care NHS Foundation Trust Sheffield OA CMHTMembers
SouthSurrey & Borders Partnership NHS TrustNorth East Hampshire CMHRSAccredited until February 2021
 Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation TrustBracknell CMHTAccredited until June 2021
 Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation TrustWokingham CMHTAccredited until November 2021
East MidlandsLincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation TrustGrantham and Sleaford CMHTAccredited until November 2021
 Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation TrustSpalding CMHTIn review
 Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation TrustLincoln South CMHTAccredited until November 2021
 Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation TrustLouth CMHTAccredited until June 2022
 Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation TrustStamford CMHTIn review
 Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation TrustGainsborough CMHTMembers
 Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation TrustLincoln North CMHTIn review
 Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation TrustSkegness CMHTMembers
 Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation TrustBoston CMHTMembers
 NAViGO Health & Social Care CICEast CMHTIn review
North EastGateshead Health NHS Foundation TrustGateshead Older Adults CMHTMembers
North West  Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation TrustSalford Older Adults CMHTMembers
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