About the Network

The Alcohol Care Team Innovation and Optimisation Network (ACTION) is a network for alcohol care teams.

We facilitate quality improvement and development in alcohol care teams through a supportive peer-review model and enabling communication and the sharing of best practice between services.

ACTION is open to all alcohol care teams in the United Kingdom.

Contact us

If you have any questions, or would like to join the network email the team at action@rcpsych.ac.uk.

In partnership with NHS England and Improvement National Prevention Programme, ACTION works with both new and established alcohol care teams to create a network to share best practice and drive quality improvement within alcohol care teams nationally. 

ACTION works with all Alcohol Care Team Optimisation Sites that are part of the NHS National Prevention Programme and is also open to all other alcohol care teams across the United Kingdom. 

The main aims of ACTION are:

  • To provide a framework that facilitates a self-review and peer review process of services 
  • To provide support to and facilitate the set up of alcohol care teams
  • To understand the development needs of alcohol care teams and provide learning opportunities based on these
  • To promote consistency and sharing of good practice nationally 
  • To build the evidence base for alcohol care teams through a number of avenues, including conducting national clinical audits.

The framework for the review process has been developed with NHS England & Improvement drawing on two key documents: Alcohol Care Team: Core Service Descriptor (NHS E&I, 2019) and Clinical Competencies for the Care of Hospitalized Patients with Alcohol Use Disorders (Phillips, Porter, Sinclair, 2020).

An overview of the review process is outlined below:

Stage 1: Self-review process

The self-review is completed using an online system which guides teams through the process step by step. Each team has 6 weeks to complete the self-review and it includes:

  • Teams marking themselves against each standard and providing commentary
  • Completing a case note audit
  • Collecting feedback from acute colleague, non-managerial staff and managerial staff
  • Submitting an evidence bank

Stage 2: Peer review

After the team completes their self-review, a peer review team will visit their service.

The review team typically consists of members of the CCQI, a patient representative, and 2-3 professionals from other alcohol care teams.

The aim of the peer review is to explore and validate the data that has been collected as part of the self-review process. The peer review is discussion-based and provides a platform for knowledge sharing, reflection and constructive communication. It will focus on what the team do really well, as well as challenges and areas for development. It is a supportive process that encourages development and improvement of alcohol care teams.

Not only does the host team benefit from the review day, but the review team can take learning back to their services, which facilitates quality improvement for everyone involved.

Stage 3: After the peer review

The team will receive a report outlining the discussions held during the peer review. The report will highlight areas of good practice and innovation as well as making clear recommendations for the team to work towards.

Benefits of being a member of ACTION include:

  • Access to membership of a clinical community – there are several opportunities to network and share learning with other alcohol care teams including on peer reviews and at our events
  • Access to a range of learning events, including monthly community of practice webinars and annual forums
  • Working towards meeting agreed criteria and promoting consistency and excellence
  • An opportunity to benchmark and see where your service sits in relation with others
  • Get feedback from a range of peers and those with lived experience
  • Opportunity to learn about services and share best practice 

ACTION is open to all alcohol care teams in the United Kingdom.

If you are part of an established alcohol care team but are not one of the NHS Prevention Optimisation Sites, the price of membership is below.

£2,600 + VAT per year

To confirm membership, please fill out a joining form and the ACTION project team will get back to you with next steps. 

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