Why join ACTION?

ACTION is a quality improvement network open to all alcohol care teams across the UK.

Since the network’s launch in 2021, it has evolved as a supportive community of learning, connection and sharing practice.

Reasons to join ACTION include:

  • Becoming part of a collective approach to improving knowledge and education amongst alcohol care teams.
  • Being part of a supportive and developmental review process including the use of evidence based standards.
  • Gaining access to a wide range of learning opportunities.

ACTION has been designed and developed with the input of patient and carer representatives within the ACTION team. These representatives are involved in setting standards, reviewing guidance and facilitating events.

Lived experience insight is also essential to the review process and a patient and carer representative is a core part of the peer review team.

The self and peer review processes provide opportunities to reflect on practice and receive constructive and supportive feedback. The review process is also an opportunity to highlight where alcohol care teams are demonstrating innovation and good practice, which can then be shared across the network.

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Watch these short videos of members from ACTs at Northern General Hospital and New Cross Hospital discussing how ACTION has benefited their services and colleagues:

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