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This year's special interest day will be on the theme, ‘Unlocking Pathways’: Navigating legal challenges to discharge planning – Collaborative Strategies for Inpatient and Community LD Teams.

For staff working within QNLD members services this event is free to attend. Members can register for the event via Zoom.

If you are interested in attending the event but do not work within a QNLD member service and would like information on buying tickets for this event, please email L.D@rcpsych.ac.uk. Tickets for the event for non-members are £60.

Full timings for the event will be confirmed when all speakers and presentations have been confirmed. The event will be recorded.

For more information about this event please contact the QNLD team at L.D@rcpsych.ac.uk.

Our next QNLD Annual Forum will be taking place in autumn 2024 information about the event will be made available on our website soon.

QNLD 'Innovative Care: Exploring Best Practices in Learning Disability Services' Annual Forum 2023

The day included presentations around outcome scales, accessible resources and tools, NHS England updates, medication and blood tests and included topics specific to both inpatient and community teams. More information can be found on the event programme.

QNLD 'Empowering Staff Well-being and Retention' Special Interest Day 2023

The day included presentations on the current status and future of learning disability nursing, sustainability principles and the QNLD standards, rotational posts, using quality improvement to enhance staff wellbeing, and staff wellbeing. More information can be found on the event programme

QNLD 'Legal Issues' Special Interest Day 2022 

The day included presentations on informed consent to treatment with medication, capacity and sexual relations, executive dysfunction and rights for restricted and conditionally discharged patients delivered by a panel of leading experts. More information can be found on the event programme.

QNLD 'Working with co-morbidities' Annual Forum 2022

The day included presentations on epilepsy and intellectual disabilities, neurodevelopmental disorders, physical health checks, environmental needs of people with Autism, managing constipation, trauma informed care and advocacy. More information can be found on the event programme.

Slides and recordings of events can be made available to QNLD members on request, to access the resources please contact the project team via email.

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