Service users and carers

How are service users and carers involved in QNLD? 

Every peer review team includes a service user or carer representative, alongside the lead reviewer and staff members from a different service. Lived experience adds an invaluable perspective when evaluating the environment and processes of a service or having a discussion about ways to improve practice. People going on peer reviews, whether clinicians, patients or carers, all receive full training and support from the project team. 
Service users and carers sit on the network accreditation committees and advisory groups. This requires steering the project team and the development of the network or giving a perspective on whether a service meets the required standards. 

The focus of the network is heavily influenced by the standards and these need to be relevant to the needs of the people who use the services we are visiting. Service users and carers are consulted on the development of new standards alongside professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

It is also important that we establish that any documents or data collection tools we use, especially those aimed at gathering service user perspectives, are appropriate for the audience they are designed for. To ensure this is the case we consult on the format and content of our tools so we know we are gathering the best possible data.

For information about how the CCQI handles data please see the College's privacy notice.

Get involved

At QNLD we are always looking for people with lived experience to get involved in the project. Whether you have learning disabilities yourself, or you have experience caring for someone who does, your experience is invaluable. If you would be interested in using it to improve the quality of care provided in inpatient learning disability services and want to know more, please contact the project team on

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