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The Annual Forum enables people from therapeutic communities to meet others in similar settings, reflect on practice, exchange ideas and support each other to meet the demands of modern TC practice.

On the behalf of the C of C Team, we want to say thank you to everyone who attended our 2021 online Annual Forum. We are planning to upload recorded content to our Knowledge Hub; sign up to be able to access this. 

Please contact the team at if you're interested or have any other queries.

The purpose of the advisory group (PDF) and reference groups (PDF) is to advise and further the work of the Community of Communities whose purpose is to improve the quality of TCs by supporting standards-based peer-review and accreditation. 

The Community of Communities have a diverse membership with a range of services across all sectors. Whilst all communities have signed up to the same standards, (addiction TCs have a supplementary set) the needs of each sector do vary.

We are keen to host an inclusive network and want to hear from all members to support and improve the Community of Communities.

If you would like to attend any of these groups please contact

We are providing training for Peer Reviewers and Lead Reviewers, for both our to current member organisations and prospective independent peer/lead reviewers.

Member organisations are encouraged to nominate staff and service users who will be taking part in peer reviews this cycle, to attend the training session which provides an introduction to the peer reviewer role and the peer review process.

The training will be delivered online this year due to COVID 19 restrictions. Dates are yet to be confirmed, but we will be updating the network shortly.

Independent peer reviewers

Ex-staff and ex-service users are encouraged to apply to become independent peer reviewers. This enables you to maintain a link with TCs by continuing to take part in the review cycle whilst no longer being directly involved in a service.

To apply to become an independent peer reviewer please read the  Independent Peer Reviewer Specification (pdf).

Staff members and ex-service users with peer review experience are invited to apply to become a lead reviewer. The training will equip you with the skills and knowledge to lead the peer review process and give you an introduction to report writing.

Please review this Lead Reviewer Specification (pdf) for more information.

Spirit of Place

To further support our connections and relationships as a Community of Communities, we are launching the Spirit of Place. We want every member of Community of Communities to put together a presentation that best answers the question: What makes our place special?

The presentation should be a standalone piece that can be shown as part of a gallery on Knowledge Hub and/or at our Annual Forum in April 2021. The presentation could be a video, a PowerPoint presentation, a newsletter, painting, photographic essay, essay or any combination of ideas. The only condition is that it “opens” as one item, on one click, and that you are happy for it to be shared.

 There are few rules, obvious ones are that you must have permission if showing any individuals, you should be careful not to include anything that might cause offence or breach confidentiality. Most importantly you and all contributors must be happy for it to be shown to other members of the network and/or be put on websites or social media.

We are asking that your community asks: What Makes Our Place Special? What is the Spirit of our Place? Think about:

How does your place make you feel?

What makes your place:

  • unique
  • distinctive
  • cherished.

This idea is inspired by the same scheme run by the National Trust. Their PowerPoint provides great examples of what we are looking for, which can be seen here.

The deadline for all of your presentation is that last day of the 2020-2021 Annual Cycle March 31st 2021, however, we will be looking to feature some of them as they come in so get thinking and let those creative juices flow.

Creative Competition

Every year Community of Communities holds a creative competition where members can submit their artwork.

We welcome submissions from any of our members and these can be paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, poetry or short stories.

We have received some fantastic submissions over the years. Winning entries will receive a certificate and will be displayed on our website.

Winners will also have their art included in the reports we send to our members. Submissions can be sent via e-mail to

See the winners and winning entries from this year and last year

The Community of Communities (C of C) is running a series of workshops throughout the annual cycle which are free for members to attend and are designed to support members to develop and share Therapeutic Community (TC) practice within the context of Community of Communities. All member organisations are encouraged to attend these workshop sessions, including community managers, front line staff and service users.

Every month Community of Communities hold a community meeting for our paid members. We offer this forum as a place to share experiences and learning.

Our next Community Meeting will be held on June 17, 10am - 11am (MS Teams) and 11:30am - 12:30pm (Zoom).

If you are interested in attending a community meeting or have anything for the agenda, please contact to register your interest.

The C of C Team have put together our 2021 - 2022 calendar of events for our members, allowing our network to be connected, supported and engaged!

Please note, this Calendar is subject to change.

Our next event

TC Values and Standards - C of C Training Event on Zoom

March 12th, 10am - 12:30pm

To sign up, please complete this online form.

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