Training and events

The 2022-2023 CofC Annual Forum will be hosted on Tuesday 6 June 2023. 

This year the theme is

Therapeutic Communities: An inclusive model? Adaptability, diversity, and creativity

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On the third Thursday of every month, Community of Communities hold an online community meeting for our members. We offer this forum as a place to share experiences and learning. Members can also present their research or topics of interest. 

If you are interested in presenting at a community meeting or have anything for the agenda, please contact

Community of Communities will be hosting preparing for accreditation training on Tuesday 18 July 2023 at 10am-12pm.

This training is for anyone who has an upcoming accreditation visit with CofC, and would like more information about the whole process.

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Community of Communities will be hosting peer reviewer training on Tuesday 8 August 2023 at 10am-3pm.

This training is for members who would like to join peer-reviews, accreditations and audits in the upcoming cycle.

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Community of Communities will be hosting online lead reviewer training on Tuesday 15 August 2023 at 10am-12.30pm.

This training is for anyone who has already been on peer-reviews with CofC and would like to lead a review in the upcoming cycle.

To sign up, please click here.

CofC will be hosting online TC Specialist training on Tuesday 1 August 2023 at 10am-1.30pm.

This training is for anyone who has worked in a senior management role within a TC for minimum of 5 years and has a thorough and up to date understanding of TC practice, approach, and relevant legislation.

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The purpose of the advisory group (PDF) and reference groups (PDF) is to advise and further the work of the Community of Communities whose purpose is to improve the quality of TCs by supporting standards-based peer-review and accreditation. 

The Community of Communities have a diverse membership with a range of services across all sectors. Whilst all communities have signed up to the same standards, (addiction TCs have a supplementary set) the needs of each sector do vary.

We are keen to host an inclusive network and want to hear from all members to support and improve the Community of Communities.

If you would like to attend any of these groups please contact

Every year Community of Communities holds a creative competition where members can submit their artwork.

We welcome submissions from any of our members and these can be paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, poetry or short stories. We have received some fantastic submissions over the years. Winning entries will receive a certificate and will be displayed on our website.

This year our Creative Competition was launched in December 2021 and displayed at our Annual Forum in June 2022.

Winners will have their art included in reports we publish, and are displayed on our website.

See the winners from previous years and the winning entries from the 2021-2022 cycle

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