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If you have any questions about ECTAS, please contact the Project Team:

Emily Lesnik
ECTAS Programme Manager
Tel: 0203 701 2655

Vicky Cartwright
ECTAS Deputy Programme Manager
Tel: 020 3701 2656

Sinead Rogers
ECTAS Project Worker
Tel: 020 3701 2653

Alternatively, for general queries, email

The ECTAS Discussion Group:

Over 450 professionals are members of the ECTAS discussion group. This group is available to all members and provides professionals with an informal forum to:

  • share best practice and quality improvement initiatives
  • seek advice from other members
  • discuss current issues and policy
  • share and debate relevant research papers
  • We also use the discussion group to disseminate information about  events and peer review visits

To subscribe or post to the group, please email:

ECTAS,  21 Prescot Street, London, E1 8BB Tel: 020 3701 2653  Fax: 020 3701 2761  Email:

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