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Effective relational security is critical to providing safe, purposeful and well-led services. See Think Act was first published by the Department of Health for medium secure care in 2010. In 2015, the Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health Services along with Elizabeth Allen, the original author of the work, undertook a review with high, medium and low secure providers, patients and their friends and family, of what we’ve learned since the first publication.   

While we found that there were no specific incidents See Think Act hadn’t provided for and indeed, the publication was widely valued, the emphasis of the 2nd edition reflects how secure services have evolved in the last five years and importantly, is now written for all levels of secure care. 


We’ve preserved the recognisable design and the practical brevity of See Think Act, but you’ll notice: 

  • More information on boundaries
  • More emphasis on staff attitude and reflective practice
  • An expanded section on planning health outcomes being clear about goals
  • More information about what types of behaviours to look out for
  • Advice on how to involve and maximise the contribution of friends and family
  • A new section for ‘Effective leaders’
  • A modified, more flexible Relational Security Explorer
  • Reproduced See Think Act posters.

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