Our reports summarise the data we collect from crisis resolution and home treatment teams during our review process.

If you’re an HTAS member you can see how your service performs against others with our anonymous benchmarking.

HTAS 1st National Report 2015

HTAS Pilot Report 2014

Our newsletters contain articles about best practice written by staff in home treatment teams, pieces written by service users and carers and updates from our team.

HTAS Chat is an email discussion group, open to staff from member services.  It puts you in touch with over 150 clinicians from home treatment and crisis teams across the UK.

The group can be used to ask your peers questions about any aspect of crisis/home treatment work, or about the HTAS process itself. 

A list of past discussions is shown below.  To access these, please contact HTAS.

Queries on medication:

  • Clozapine titration in the community
  • Medication administration & documentation 
  • Medication & self-harm/suicide
  • Patient Group Directions (PGDs)


  • CBT

Staffing issues:

  • Admin support in Home Treatment Teams
  • Nurse consultants in Home Treatment Teams
  • Medical provision in Home Treatment Teams
  • Occupational Therapists in Home Treatment Teams
  • Psychologists in Home Treatment Teams

Clinical issues:

  • Benchmarking admissions thresholds
  • Clinical consistency
  • Discharge from Home Treatment Teams
  • Discharge from wards
  • Face to face assessments
  • Lone working devices
  • Physical health
  • Recording calls
  • Recovery/relapse prevention tools
  • Risk rating
  • Working with people with dementia

Service provision

  • Ageless services
  • Early discharge from wards
  • Handover
  • Out-of-hours services
  • Response times
  • Self-referrals
  • Visiting hours


  • National Confidential Inquiry - rates of suicide in HTTs

If you are a member of staff in a HTAS member service and would like to join the discussion group, please contact HTAS.

Ellis, C and Hodge, S (2014) - Introduction of the Home Treatment Accreditation Scheme: a welcome development  (Published in The Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing) 

Carpenter, R, Falkenburg, J, White, T and Tracy, D K (2013) - Crisis Teams: A Systematic Review of Their Effectiveness in Practice (Published in The Psychiatric Bulletin)

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