Reports and governance

The QNLD process is governed by the following staff and committees:

  • Advisory Group
  • Accreditation Committee
  • Project Team

Advisory Group

The advisory group comprises professionals who represent key interests and areas of expertise in the field of inpatient learning disability services alongside service users and carers who have experience of using these services. The purpose of the group is to advise and further the work of QNLD.

The advisory group comprises a minimum of 6 members and a maximum of 15 members. The membership will aim to reflect the range of disciplines working in inpatient learning disability services.

Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee recommends accreditation status based on the evidence gathered during the service’s self and peer review period. In particular it looks closely at any instances of non-compliance with Type 1 Standards. This will include considering service reports and recommending to which accreditation category each service should be assigned and advising the Project Team about the quality of the reports and information that forms the basis of the AC’s recommendations.

There is also an overall Chair of the Combined Committee Meetings who ratifies the accreditation decisions recommended by the QNLD Accreditation Committee and other networks, and in so doing retains the right to question and/or overturn these recommendations.

Project Team

The project team look after the day to day running of the network including liaising with services, collecting data and arranging reviews and events.

If you have any questions, please get in contact.

Amy Colwill
Programme Manager
Tel: 0208 618 4003

Leyla Golparvar
Project Worker
Tel: 0208 618 4006

Royal College of Psychiatrists' Centre for Quality Improvement
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