PQN webinars (COVID-19)

The Perinatal Quality Network (PQN) team is creating a series of webinars for CCQI during the COVID-19 pandemic.

PQN Webinar #4 – 15 September 2020

This webinar was jointly presented by perinatal mental health teams based in Staffordshire and West London. They talked about how they have been running online psychological interventions and discussed the logistics of their programme.

PQN Webinar #3 – 23 July 2020

Coping with COVID-19 within the Surrey and Borders Perinatal Team

This webinar is presented by Sarah Owen, who discusses the challenges, learning points and achievements in the Surrey and Borders Perinatal Team that arose from the COVID-19 outbreak.

Speaker: Sarah Owen, Community Perinatal Peer Support Worker, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

PQN Webinar #2 – 22 June 2020

This webinar is presented by Mark Williams, an International Campaigner who is passionate about paternal mental health and why supporting all parents for their mental health will have far better outcomes for the family, and the development of the child. He founded International Fathers' Mental Health Day and the #Howareyoudad campaign, for better services for new dads.

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PQN Webinar #1 – 28 May 2020

Navigating the COVID-19 Risk and Maternal Worries

This webinar aims to address some perinatal Nursery Nurse concerns regarding COVID-19 and highlight possible impacts of COVID-19 on the mother and infant.

The speaker was Hayley Grainger, Nursery Nurse Team Leader, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

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