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We’ve produced several publications documenting and exploring the quality improvement work that we’ve done with perinatal mental health services.

The Perinatal Quality Network has launched a new outcome measure which all inpatient and community members are invited to utilise.

What is POEM?

The Patient-rated Outcome and Experience Measure (POEM) is a new tool developed to capture satisfaction over time and detect fluctuations within a service.

The POEM is themed around communication, care environment, information provision, and baby care. Patients and partners/family members will be invited by services to complete the POEM when the patient is discharged from inpatient or community perinatal care. It is intended as a continuous routine evaluation.

How do we use it?

Members will be able to access the survey tool via a web link to input data and are encouraged to ask as many patients and partners as possible to complete it online. For inpatient units, this might mean using a laptop or tablet to support data collection.

If you would also like a paper version this can be arranged. However, please note that the long term use of the POEM is likely to be more sustainable, the greater the number of electronic returns that we get back.

The project team will be collating the data centrally here using the responses submitted via the survey link. We do not input data from any paper versions of responses. Please ensure you enter any responses using the survey links provided.

This will minimise the workload for members so that the focus can be centred on trying to encourage as many patients and partners/family to complete it as possible. We will then organise the data and send it back to you in a report for bench-marking with each service/unit only identifiable to themselves. Copies of raw data for each service can also be sent on request.

N.B. Please note that each service will now have their own independent survey link to use the POEM. If you are unsure of what your link is or would like to start using the POEM, please email perinatal-chat@rcpsych.ac.uk or call 0208 618 4273.   

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