Information for service users and carers

How are service users involved in our work?

We believe in involving people who’ve used therapy services in all areas of our work. 

We want to improve care for people with mental health problems, and your views are crucial! 

If you’ve used psychological therapy services, there are several ways you can get involved in our work: 

Be  part of our committees

  • The Project Board gives us in the project team advice about how to run and develop the network.
  • The Accreditation Committee makes decisions about which services are accredited. This committee also gives advice to services that need to make changes to be accredited.
  • If we have vacancies for service users on either of these committees, we’ll advertise them.

Visit therapy services with us

  • We visit therapy services to review what they do. You could be part of a review team alongside therapists, psychologists and one of us from the project team.
  • Please contact us if you’d like more information about how to become a ‘peer reviewer’.

Be asked to give feedback about a service you’ve used

  • When we review a therapy service, we ask people like you who use that service to fill in questionnaires about their experience.
  • The questionnaires are anonymous and they’re sent straight back to us online or by post.
  • We put all the answers together in a report for the team, so you can’t be identified from your answers.

How should service users be involved in psychological therapy services?

We expect therapy services taking part in our reviews to ask for regular feedback from service users and to be able to say what they’ve changed because of that feedback. 

We also expect them to involve service users in planning and improving the service.

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