About the network

The QNMHD network aims to:

  • Enable services for deaf people to engage in service evaluation and quality improvement using standards and methods that are agreeable to service users, carers, frontline staff and clinical and Trust management;
  • Organise self- and peer-reviews with an emphasis on engagement rather than inspection;
  • Provide detailed local reports which identify action points and areas of achievement;
  • Provide a strong network of supportive relationships;
  • Promote best practice through shared learning and networking;

The network does this by running a process of self and peer review. During the self-review period the ward assesses its performance against the standards using a series of data collection tools, including responses from service users, carers and staff. This is followed by a peer review visit by the project team and staff from similar services, whose role is to verify the data provided during the self-review and provide ideas for improvement.

Services which meet the standards set out by the network are awarded accredited status, in recognition of the high standard of care provided. This status is decided by the QNMHD Accreditation Committee. Accreditation lasts for up to three years, subject to an interim self-review.

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