Join the Quality Mark

If you’d like to join the Quality Mark scheme's upcoming data collection period, please submit our joining form or our joining form for community wards.

A minimum of two wards per Trust must sign up together to complete the observational module making up part of the dataset required.

For further information, please get in touch or read our information sheet for ward leaders.

We have two cycles per year, commencing in March and September.


The Quality Mark aims to be an affordable scheme to encourage the continuous improvement of the care provided to older people.

The cost per ward for each calendar year of participation is £1,300. This includes a one-day training session for two members of staff in the use of the PIE observation tool.

We also offer discounts for signing up multiple wards.

Associate membership

Elder-friendly QM-associate membership graphicWe are looking for wards to trial our new associate membership for 50% off, costing only £99

Our aim is for wards to collect and respond to feedback from patients and other groups involved in their care, to achieve an elder-friendly hospital.

Wards can utilise the Quality Mark tools (patient questionnaire plus one other measure) to collect data. This data can then be used to improve the quality of care provided to elderly patients.

This a fantastic opportunity to use our new validated patient questionnaire and one other data tool.

You can get detailed and insightful information from patients and staff that will help you to positively impact patient experience.

More information about our new associate membership and how to join.

For information on our data protection policy, please see the CCQI privacy notice.

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