About the network

The Quality Network for Mental Health Rehabilitation Services (Rehabilitation) works with services to improve the quality of inpatient rehabilitation mental health wards and community rehabilitation services.We engage with staff, service users and carers in a comprehensive process of both self- and peer-review for services to work toward quality improvement and accreditation.

Remote reviews

We are delighted to announce that our peer reviews are now back up and running remotely and we are currently piloting services with face - face reviews. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have had to cancel face to face peer reviews, to protect the safety and well-being our members and staff.

The project team have been busy adapting our peer review processes to enable services, going forward, to receive a high-quality and thorough peer review remotely.

Whilst the principles of peer review will remain the same, the aspects of the review visit have been adapted to ensure that members still receive a comprehensive review remotely. The remote review will use technology and online tools to conduct interviews, discussions, and reviews of evidence. We have also reviewed our standards in the light of COVID-19 and have created additional guidance where current restrictions make it difficult to meet certain standards.  

To learn more about the new remote review process, and how members can get started with their self-review, please refer to the following documents:

The Quality Network for Mental Health Rehabilitation Services (Rehabilitation) will continue scheduling remote review visits and will be prioritising services whose visits were postponed due to COVID-19.

In the meantime, we encourage all members in need of a peer-review to begin work on their self-review.

Dates of our remote reviews are below. To sign up to a review, please contact us.

WardTrustReview date
Opal WardOxford Health NHS Foundation Trust20/04/2022
Ashwood Court Independent HospitalMaking Space21/04/2022

78 Crawley House

(Developmental Face - Face)

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust05/05/2022
Tony HillisSouth London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust25/05/2022

Fettle House


Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust16/06/2022
Ascot VillaCentral & North West London NHS Foundation Trust24/06/2022


We use a process of peer and self-review to support our members in improving the quality of their services.

We review our members against our 4th edition standards for inpatient rehabilitation services which we use to assess the quality of services.

We offer a variety of membership options including developmental and accreditation membership.

All membership options include:

  • a report specific to your ward
  • the opportunity to be a peer reviewer on organised visits to other services
  • reduced rates at our Annual Forum and Special Interests Days
  • annual report of how members are meeting the standards
  • regular newsletters of what innovative practice is happening in other inpatient rehab services
  • being part of our email discussion group.

We offer a variety of membership options:


This membership’s best for:

  • new members of the network who’ve not had experience with the standards before
  • services who want to focus on the specific areas of the standards that are most useful to them
  • services who feel unable to go through the accreditation process
  • services who want to prepare for accreditation in the future.

What’s involved?

  • You’ll self-review your service against the standards over a three month period.
  • A peer review team will visit your service for one day and help you identify your areas of achievements and ways to improve your service.
  • You’ll receive a report of findings from the review day.

How much is it?

£2,060 + VAT per year.


This membership’s best for:

  •  services who meet a set standard to achieve accreditation.

What’s involved?

  • You’ll self-review your service against the standards over a three month period. This will include completion of patient, carer, staff and referrer questionnaires and a health record audit.
  • A peer review team will visit your service for one day and help you identify your areas of achievements, and ways to improve your service. You will also need to provide documentary evidence to show compliance against our standards.
  • Your draft report will be discussed by our accreditation committee who will decide if your service can be accredited.
  • Once awarded, accreditation lasts up to three years subject to terms and conditions.

How much is it?

£2,380 + VAT per year (5% discount if you sign up for three years).


This membership’s best for:

  • services who want to take advantage of the benefits of membership but may have financial constraints
  • services undergoing reconfiguration
  • services outside of the UK.

What’s involved?

  • You’ll complete a self-review against the standards.
  • You’ll then receive an individualised report based on your reported performance against standards, bench-marking data and action planning templates.

How much is it?

£525 + VAT per year (it’s expected that most members progress to become developmental members within one year).

We’re happy to help you with any questions. Please contact rehab@rcpsych.ac.uk with any queries.

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