Core standards project

Each of our CCQI accreditation programmes and quality networks used to develop standards in isolation. This led to unwanted variation which could contribute to variation in levels of care.

In 2014, the CCQI engaged the British Standards Institution (BSI) to facilitate a review of 17 of its existing sets of standards. The aim of this work was to re-categorise and amalgamate the existing 17 sets to ultimately produce one set of core standards for inpatient wards and one set of core standards for community care which can be used across these specialties.  

The standards were developed with the involvement of clinical, patient and carer experts.

The third edition of the standards was published in 2019.

How the core standards will be used

The quality network and accreditation projects will use the set of core standards most relevant to them (i.e. inpatient or community). Each project will adopt these core standards which will be used alongside their own specialist standards.

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