Self-Harm and Suicide Prevention Competence Frameworks

The NCCMH has developed a series of Self-Harm and Suicide Prevention Competence Frameworks for Health Education England (HEE) to support people who self-harm and/or are suicidal. More information on the competence frameworks can be found on the UCL CORE site. The competence frameworks helps to makes suggestions about best practice in the light of current understandings of the effectiveness of approaches and interventions.

There are three corresponding frameworks – which overlap in terms of content, but are separated out because they describe work with different populations and in different scenarios:

The primary audience for this documentation will be clinicians, trainers, clinical managers and commissioners of services, but service users and carers may also find the documents useful. A separate guide written specifically for service users and carers (PDF) describes the frameworks and outlines the care they can expect.

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