MHSIP Sexual Safety Learning Forums

Between October 2022 and March 2023 NHS England’s Mental Health Safety Improvement Programme (MHSIP) will hold three Sexual Safety Learning Forums. The virtual events are designed to share learning and resources to support organisations to improve sexual safety in their own settings and apply learning from the National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health’s national Sexual Safety Collaborative. On this page you can find the presentations and resources from each learning forum. 

    Learning Forum Resources

      MHSIP Sexual Safety learning forum full session recording

      Robyn's story

      This account of a personal experience of inpatient mental health care has been generously provided by Robyn Timoclea. It has been edited from a more detailed account. It is read on Robyn’s behalf by Kate Lorrimer.

      Please be warned that it contains very upsetting descriptions and strong language. It also describes sexual violence perpetrated by men towards a woman.

      Statistically it is men who commit the majority of sexual violence. However, we also acknowledge that is not the only experience people might have and this example does not intend to exclude the whole range of experiences.

      We hope you will feel able to listen with an open heart and mind, and to face what is not easy to hear – we owe at least that to anyone who has lived this.

      The only way to truly improve the quality of inpatient care is by first connecting with compassion to the experiences of those who need that care.

      This is Robyn’s story…

      MHSIP Sexual Safety learning forum full session recording

      If you have any questions about the Sexual Safety learning forums please contact

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