Race and Health Observatory Implementation Model

The NCCMH have been commissioned by the Race and Health Observatory to develop an anti-racist implementation strategy and model to help organisations reduce structural inequality in healthcare.

The NHS Race and Health Observatory (RHO) is an independent organisation hosted by the NHS Confederation which seeks to close the gap on racial and ethnic inequalities facing patients, communities and healthcare workers from Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnicities.

Over the past three years, the RHO has focused on bringing together the evidence base on health inequalities with other organisations and turning this into policy and recommendations for change. The output of the NCCMH’s involvement will be a model that can be used to translate the RHO’s recommendations into action to influence health inequalities in a number of areas in health, not only mental health.

The model will be co-produced with subject matter experts, people with lived experience, key stakeholders and RHO board members, before a series of three design workshops to develop a co-produced implementation model. This will include the following elements:

  • a shared purpose/aim, such as 'racial inequality in health outcomes is reduced through the implementation of RHO recommendations' (the final aim will be co-produced as this project progresses)
  • a theory of change about how the aim will be achieved, usually visualised as a driver diagram consisting of big areas/topics to help achieve the aim (primary drivers) which can be broken down into smaller areas to focus on (secondary drivers)

The implementation model will be created so that it can be adapted and applied to a number of different disciplines, such as mental health and maternity services, and the NCCMH will apply to a small number of RHO projects to ensure its feasibility and adaptability.

If you have any questions, please contact safetyimprovement@rcpsych.ac.uk.

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