Research surveys

Working with an Interpreter (Scotland 2018)

Neil Masson (Consultant) and Fiona Duncan (ST4) would be very grateful if you would take a few minutes of your time to complete their survey on working with interpreters. They believe this is an essential part of the work of most psychiatrists in Scotland and are looking for your help in gathering data.

RCPsych in Scotland is frequently asked by members and trainees to undertake surveys of the membership for research/audit purposes. Because of a spate of recent requests and the desire not to overload the website with surveys or members with mass emails or documents we have agreed it would be useful to have a clear policy on this.

The Officers have agreed that we would only conduct one survey in each quarter of the year. If we have more than one request at a time they will have to be spaced out in this way.

Any requests for surveys to be posted on the web must be done via e-mail stating the purpose of the survey. Requests will then be considered by the officers whose decisions will be final.

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