Cabinet Secretary must explain how mental health will receive its fair share of funding

Scotland news
10 December 2021

The Cabinet Secretary must explain how mental health services will receive its fair share of funding, the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Scotland said today.

In response to the latest Scottish Budget led by Finance Secretary Kate Forbes, the College is now calling for an explanation as to how proposed funding will be spent.

Two out of four College asks were given the green light, including the renewal of the Mental Health Recovery Fund and a pledge to deliver 10% health spending to their own mental health target by 2026.

But there wasn’t much explanation as to how that would be achieved.

Now RCPsych in Scotland is looking for assurances on how these packages will be delivered for the benefit of mental health services, across Scotland. 

Dr Linda Finlay, Chair of RCPsych in Scotland, said:

“While we welcome some proposals in this announcement, the Budget does not go far enough in explaining how mental health will receive its fair share of funding.  
“The retention of the £120m Mental Health Recovery & Renewal Fund in full reflects our calls to Ministers prior to the Budget, as does reaffirming the commitment to 10% of health spend to mental health by the end of this parliament. However, we don’t have clarity on how this Budget moves us closer to this ambition.
“This Budget potentially sees investment in our mental health services flatline based on last year's figures, which would mean less of our health budget overall is going to mental health services.

“We would urge the Cabinet Secretary to provide clear assurances of how the 10% commitment will be spent, for the mental health of our nation.” 

We have also produced a short analysis explaining the Budget's proposals for mental health.

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