Exemplar Job Description

The Job Description review process is in place to ultimately support one of the College’s priorities – recruitment and retention.  

As part of our on-going commitment to improving processes and procedures the Royal College of Psychiatrists have produced an Exemplar Job Description Template to be used as a guide and reference tool for the creation of Job Descriptions.  

We feel that by following the format of the Exemplar and noting the level of detail contained within it will help to improve the quality and speed of the Job Description review process.

The College strives to return comments on submitted Job Descriptions to Trusts within a 15 working day period.  Please be aware that during this timeframe, there may be occasions whereby additional time is needed to review a Job Description but we will always endeavour to meet the 15 working day target.  By  using and referring to the Exemplar Job Description this should allow for a quicker turnaround time and a higher probability of the submission being approved upon the first review. 

Download the job description template, including person specification (Word)

We want to ensure a robust system is in place and will continually look at how we can support the process and we welcome any feedback which can be sent to divisionsadmin@rcpsych.ac.uk   

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