RCPsych Books Committee Members

  • Salary : Voluntary role

RCPsych Books Committee are holding an open call for new members to join the board from all specialties. Committee members advise and support the RCPsych Books Editor, who has responsibility for the content of the College’s books list.

About the RCPsych Books Committee

The College publishes a successful list of books in collaboration with Cambridge University Press (CUP); CUP handle the project management, production, marketing and sales, while the College is responsible for the editorial content. The books are aimed primarily at psychiatrists, but many also address a wider range of professionals involved in mental health, and a few are aimed at the general public.

Key responsibilities

We expect that you will:

  • Review book proposals.
  • Help identify suitable reviewers for book manuscripts.
  • Advise on the appropriate responses to assessments.
  • Advise on the strategic development of the list, exercising sound judgement on both the potential usefulness of titles to members and the commercial viability of proposals.
  • Help generate suggestions for new titles and potential authors or editors.
  • Help as required in approaching potential authors and editors.
  • Advocate for and support the promotion of published titles.
  • Help review existing titles in print to determine whether they should be declared out of print or new editions commissioned.
  • Agree alongside the committee on prize winners for the RCPsych Publishing Awards

Time commitment

Approximately 3-4 meetings (usually two hours per meeting) p.a. in person or via teleconference, along with a small amount of additional work between meetings over email (approximately 2 hours per month).

How to apply

To apply for the RCPsych Books Committee, please submit a CV and covering letter outlining experience and interest to

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