I AM HERE exhibition

‘The wheel is come full circle, I am here.’


From the eerie new physical spaces of post-lockdown Britain to the multi-tethered reach of our new virtual world — with its cavalcade of distraction and incident — we invite our members to share where they’ve been, where they are, and where they think they’re going. Has it been a world of shuddering bandwidth issues, digital alerts, too much coffee spilled on the screen? Or have you in fact been somewhere else this whole time; and where is that place?

RCPsych ArtSIG invites its members to contribute to the college’s first evolving exhibition. This exhibition is taking two forms, both on the theme 'I AM HERE':

1. A visual art competition

This comes with a cash prize and chance to be included on the cover of BJPsych! Longlisted entries will also be included in our virtual online gallery. Entries must be digital, original and on the theme of I AM HERE. Winners will be announced by the end of January 2020.


  • 1st prize - £100
  • 2nd prize - £50
  • Winners may also get the opportunity to have their art feature as the cover of the BJPsych

How to enter

  • please email digital art submissions to ArtSIGentries@gmail.com
  • submit entries in either PNG or JPEG file formats and keep images below 5 MB in size
  • there are no specific image dimensions required.

Deadline for competition submissions: 31 December 2020.

2. A written word 'exquisite corpse'

The corpse is being created by and for the membership and will evolve over time. It will be updated weekly on the college website and will be composed of single sentences.

We invite fictional and non-fictional responses to the so-called ‘new normal’ in an effort to create something truly strange. And perhaps, through our wanderings, we will finally arrive where we started - and to quote TS Eliot - "know the place as if for the first time".

An exquisite corpse is defined by MOMA as "a game in which each participant takes turns writing or drawing on a sheet of paper, folding it to conceal his or her contribution, and then passing it to the next player for a further contribution".

Please submit entries for the exquisite corpse by using the form below. All entries will be anonymous and there is a limit of one sentence submission per week per person .

The exquisite corpse went live on 9 November. It begins with the following sentences, submitted by our committee. What comes next is up to you.

And I found myself back in the house I grew up in.

Despite connecting often through screens, and phone lines and old fashioned post, I miss the touch of my Grandma's warm, curved hands, their over-heated home, and her persistent offers of food and drink; that space is one I long to return to, and wonder if I will before it is changed irrevocably.

I am here and I’m not sure I want or need to be anywhere else.

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