Our work

Learn more about the work Rainbow SIG does for the College.

Survey of Membership

The SIG undertook a survey of our membership in early Spring 2018. The results of this survey have assisted us in preparing our future plans as a SIG, including educational events and communicating with our members.

The name of the SIG was discussed at our Annual Business in 2018. The SIG executive and attending members decided to change our name to the ‘Rainbow SIG – the LGBT special interest group’ to reflect a more diverse and inclusive membership.

International Congress Preparation and Presence

The SIG will be hosting a session entitled ‘Inclusivity in Mind: LGBT Mental Health, Training, and Workforce Development’ at the 2019 International Congress. We will also host our Annual Business Meeting during the International Congress.

We have also collaborated with the Volunteering and International Psychiatry special interest group (VIPSIG) on a session considering LGBT issues in low and middle income countries (LMICs).

Rainbow Special Interest Group Conference: Providing support for children and young people with gender variance

09 May 2019, 10:00 - 15:45

The Royal College of Psychiatrists, 21 Prescot Street, London, E1 8BB

Please see programme (PDF) for the day for further information.

Educational Seminars

This SIG prides itself on its contribution to Royal College of Psychiatrists meetings through the extensive seminars and workshops that have been undertaken. We feel that these meetings are good opportunities to meet the aims of our SIG. Some of our previous topics have included:

  • being gay or lesbian in the NHS: issues for staff and patients
  • self-harm in vulnerable groups
  • discrimination and mental health
  • working with mental health problems in lesbian and gay clients
  • psychotherapy for lesbian, gay and bisexual people
  • sex and psychosis
  • impact of discrimination
  • parenting
  • multiple diversities
  • boundaries and therapeutic relationships
  • gay and lesbian health matters
  • 'therapies' that claim to change sexual orientation
  • working with the older LGBT person

Advisory Work

The group has been involved in advising the College on the position statements concerning sexual orientation and supporting transgender and gender-diverse people.

The group represented the Royal College of Psychiatrists on the Special Interest Group in Gay and Lesbian Mental Health at the National Institute for Mental Health England.

The group prepared a report on behalf of the Royal College to the Anglican Church’s “Listening Exercise” on attitudes towards human sexuality, which aimed to gather opinions from a wide range of groups across the world. We limited our comments to areas that pertain to the origins of sexuality and the psychological and social wellbeing of lesbian, gay and bisexual people (LGB). This report was also submitted to The Pilling Commission in 2012.

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