Looking after yourself and colleagues

This page will be updated with further resources as they become available.

Top 10 tips for promoting wellbeing and retention of the workforce in psychiatry

These tips are underpinned by the core priorities of the RCPsych Wellbeing and Retention strategy.

We should:

  • seek to promote positive working environments and culture
  • seek to advocate for and support doable job plans
  • seek to encourage the provision of psychological safety and a supportive environment that allows the raising of concerns and learning from events
  • seek to encourage clinician involvement in service change and development
  • seek to advocate for the provision of supportive structures that aimed at promoting and addressing wellbeing
  • ensure we develop healthy work life balance
  • ensure we seek out and build positive relationships at work
  • ensure we promote self-care
  • ensure we ask for help and support if struggling
  • ensure we stay connected.