RCPsych response to Stevenson Farmer Review

Statement / comment
26 October 2017

Professor Wendy Burn, president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists said: “This review is a welcome step towards addressing discrimination against mental illness in the workplace, and offering employers practical ways in which to minimise the problem. When faced with the enormous financial cost of such a loss of labour, it is hard to believe businesses can afford not to support their employers.

“While it is good to see that several large companies are taking steps to address this issue, we must also remember that many of those with long-term mental health problems may be working for small and medium size businesses that may need additional support and resource to bring about positive change.

“We also know that not enough is being done to facilitate a person's return to work after having suffered from mental illness. Clinicians, employers and staff must work together to create activities tailored to each to ensure that a successful return to work is possible.”

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