Connecting brain and mind: Neuroscience and the future of psychiatry

Online news
17 May 2018

Connecting brain and mind: Neuroscience and the future of psychiatry’ drew a capacity audience to Downing College at the University of Cambridge on 13 April for the second hosting of the RCPsych’s now annual event, the Neuroscience Spring Conference.

The beautiful backdrop of Downing College provided a stimulating environment for a very successful day at the interface between science and medicine.

The only national conference devoted to the contemporary role of neuroscience in psychiatry, the event attracted the UK’s top clinical psychiatrists and leading researchers in neuroscience with an engaging programme of world class presenters from the UK and the US.

Psychiatric trainees, medical students and representatives of patient groups also participated, all brought together to share in the latest ideas from clinically relevant, cutting edge research on the human brain and behaviour.

With the aim of fostering collaboration that might speed the translation of discoveries in research to the benefit of patients, much time was given over to creating opportunities for networking and the development of new contacts.

Intense discussion flowed and this contributed to a rewarding experience for all who attended.

The third edition of this now eagerly anticipated event will be held in London on Friday 15 March, 2019.

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