Our response to Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch report

Statement / comment
23 November 2018

Dr Jim Bolton, Chair of the Liaison Psychiatry Faulty, said: “The report that describes the tragic case of a woman who took her own life shows what can happen when the needs of people with mental illness cannot be supported in our A&E departments. Better funded and fully staffed liaison psychiatry services may help avoid deaths of others like Diane in the future.

“While we welcomed the £2bn announced in the budget to help pay for comprehensive mental health services in the largest A&E departments, additional funding is needed to provide the workforce to deliver these life-saving services in every A&E department, large or small, across England.

“The government must also do more to ensure our community services receive the money they need to support people before they reach crisis point.

“The College is already working with NHS Improvement on clearer guidance for A&E staff in helping patients who are experiencing mental health crises. We hope that increased funding and improved guidance will help improve access to the help that people need and contribute to better outcomes, including reducing the likelihood of suicides in similar circumstances.”

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