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11 July 2019

Did you know that the College has 15 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) focusing on a range of areas which are not covered in the scope of College Faculties?

Some SIGs have been running at the College for upwards of 25 years, whilst others are in their infancy. Membership of the different SIGs varies from just under 1,000 members to upwards of 4,500 and a dedicated SIG stand at the recent International Congress 2019 provided a great platform to publicise the work of these groups for the first time.

“The SIGs allow people to explore important, cross-cutting areas in psychiatry, which opens up new opportunities for members,” says College Registrar, Dr Adrian James. “Without doubt, the work of these networks has led to considerable benefits for the profession and patients.”

We worked together with the SIG Chairs to create a leaflet offering a snapshot of every Special Interest Group to hand out at Congress

Congress gave us the opportunity to speak with delegates, some of whom were hearing about SIGs and their work for the first time. SIG Chairs and committee members were able to give their personal insight as well as promoting a wide-ranging events programme.

The stand had great engagement with members and a lot were keen to be further involved. We hope to build from the success of IC 2019 in promoting the SIGS and develop our presence further in 2020.