Thank you, SAS doctors

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13 August 2020

The RCPsych President, Dr Adrian James, and the chair of the SAS doctors committee, Dr Monique Schelhase, have issued the following open letter, thanking SAS doctors for their contribution during the pandemic.

“We would like to acknowledge the extraordinary work of SAS doctors that has continued throughout the current pandemic and thank them for the invaluable contribution they make to the psychiatric workforce.
"Many SAS psychiatrists have been on the front line during the pandemic and have therefore been at the core of the response to Covid-19. Many have been placed in situations of high risk because of this but have continued their high standards of work just the same. While access to PPE and testing has been a major cause for concern, SAS doctors continued to work diligently in reconfigured roles in reconfigured services.
"While we recommend that you seek provisions made for your own wellbeing within your Trust/Health Board/Health and Social Care Trust, please also remain aware of the resources provided by the College, written specifically for the challenges of the pandemic.
"Additionally, as a SAS Doctor, you can contact the SAS Committee or ask for further guidance and support through our dedicated email address or Twitter account @RCPsychSASDoctors.
"We sincerely thank you all for your tireless efforts and self-sacrifice over the last few months. With the need for mental health services anticipated to increase dramatically during the continuation of the pandemic and as its consequences begin to be felt by those who have had the virus as well as by those who have treated it, the Royal College of Psychiatrists remains committed to supporting SAS doctors within their roles.”

Dr Adrian James, President of RCPsych, and Dr Monique Schelhase, Chair of the RCPsych SAS Doctors Committee

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