Statement from RCPsych about the use of the High Intensity Network

Statement / comment
07 May 2021

Commenting on the use of the High Intensity Network, Dr Adrian James, President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said:

“When someone is having a mental health crisis they are at their most vulnerable.
“Emergency services, including the police, can save lives during a mental health crisis. We need the support of an effective multi-agency response led by the mental health team because there will sadly be times when vulnerable patients need help outside of a clinical care setting. 
“The High Intensity Network was established to address an area of need. In light of recent media reports of criminal sanctions, we welcome the opportunity to review how it's being used and to ensure there is appropriate information and oversight in place.
“We also need to ensure there’s good practice in the relationship between mental health services and the police, which would benefit from a standard, centralised operating model.”