Government should reconsider foreign aid cuts as they will have a knock-on effect on mental health in low-income countries

Statement / comment
21 June 2021

Dr Adrian James, President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists urges Government to reconsider foreign aid cuts. Addressing the RCPsych International Congress on Monday 21 June, Dr James said:

“The Government going back on its promise of 0.7% for foreign aid will have a knock-on effect for mental health. The international work we’ve been doing to reduce the burden of mental illness in vulnerable communities will have to come to an end.

“More than three quarters of people with a mental disorder don’t receive treatment in low-income countries. So, it’s desperately disappointing that because of aid cuts we will no longer be able to train 78,000 mental health workers in parts of Asia and Africa.

“We’ve fought so long for parity between mental and physical health in the UK and that fight doesn’t end on our doorstep. We urge Government to reconsider.”

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