RCPsych in Scotland comments on BBC story

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31 July 2023

A BBC Scotland story published on 29 July highlighted a case of a job offer being withdrawn by Police Scotland because the applicant was taking anti-depressants.

Dr Jude Halford, lead for clinician mental health, Royal College of Psychiatrists in Scotland, said:

"Although we can't comment on individual cases this story is deeply worrying as it highlights the fact that people with mental health conditions still face stigma and discrimination.

"The fact that someone is taking anti-depressants shouldn't stop them functioning in their daily lives and at work. 

"Human resource departments in the private and public sector need to be unbiased and have policies which don't negatively impact on people living with a mental health condition.

"We should be stamping out stigma within mental health - not encouraging outdated employment practices."

Further advice and help on stigma in mental health is available from SeeMe.


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