RCPsych response to the conflict in the Middle East

Statement / comment
12 October 2023

We are deeply saddened by the devastating situation in the Middle East. Our thoughts and sympathies are with everyone suffering from the conflict, particularly those who have been displaced or lost loved ones. 

Many people will be extremely worried about their own safety, and that of their family and friends, it is imperative that the right care is provided as soon as possible.  

Armed conflict can have a significant impact on the mental health of people on the ground and beyond. This creates anxiety about the welfare of loved ones, coping with the trauma of the events, causing the breakdown of health services and society, and forcing many to flee. There is also an increased risk that those affected by the conflict might develop more serious mental illnesses in the future.  

The College has produced a list of resources to help professionals and carers supporting those affected by the situation in the Middle East, these include patient resources, guidance and eLearning modules on the mental health response for complex humanitarian emergencies, and signposting to a number of other relevant resources.  

Members of our International Advisory Committee (IAC) are reaching out to our counterparts from the affected areas to understand if the College can offer any additional practical support. 

We would also like to remind any of our Members of our Psychiatrists' Support Service (PSS) which provides free, rapid, high-quality peer support by telephone to psychiatrists of all grades who may be experiencing personal difficulties.