The next five years brings opportunity to reverse the mental health crisis, says RCPsych President

Statement / comment
05 July 2024

The Labour Party has won the 2024 General Election and Sir Keir Starmer has become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Commenting on the outcome of the 2024 Election, RCPsych President Dr Lade Smith CBE, said:

"Mental health impacts all aspects of life – from education to work, health to housing, and finances to relationships. This is why preventing and treating mental illness should be a priority that underpins key choices the new Government makes about the UK’s future.

"Investing in people’s mental health is an investment in prosperity. Mental illnesses can be prevented and treated effectively by providing early interventions, timely access to appropriate mental healthcare, and addressing inequalities.

"Over the next five years, there is a real opportunity to make progress towards reversing the mental health crisis, by working across sectors and within communities to implement cross-Government policies. The College looks forward to working with the new Government to promote mental health interventions throughout the population.

"During this election, we were pleased that parties recognised the need to improve mental health services, and push for parity between mental and physical health. We will continue to work with every party to improve outcomes for those experiencing mental illness and to ensure the psychiatric and wider healthcare workforce is well supported."


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