Digital Literacy Framework

The College's Digital Literacy Framework sets out digital data literacy standards for all psychiatrists.

The pandemic translated years of information technology advances into clinical practice over a period of just a few months. The need for this had long been evident and what has been accomplished in such a small period could be argued as one positive to come out of the pandemic.

Keen to maintain momentum in a post-pandemic world, the College has published a Digital Literacy Framework to support colleagues with their continued use of digital technologies.

The guidance is based around three core themes:

  • ICES – increasing clinician efficiency and patient safety 
  • IPOE – improving patient outcomes and experience 
  • EDMH – enabling digital mental health services for patients.

The framework sets out the digital data literacy standards for all psychiatrists which is a core skill for all those in mental health care. Not everyone needs to be an expert, however, the College insists psychiatrists have at least a core level of knowledge and skills in digital literacy. 

A copy of the framework is available online. 

We are inviting members to provide feedback by completing a short survey. The deadline for responses is Friday 26 May 2023.