CESR progress

In 2023 we have seen, and will continue to, see big changes in the world of the Certificate of Eligilibility for Specialist Registration (CESR).

These CESR changes have happened both legislatively and also internally within the College.

The RCPsych is presently working with the General Medical Council (GMC) to update the Specialty Specific Guidance (SSG) for both CESR applicants and evaluators, and we have many dedicated members of the College supporting this activity.

Our ambition is that the new process will entice and support more CESR applications, and therefore have a direct impact on workforce.

  • To date, 20 applications have been evaluated in 2023, of these we have seen 10 additions to the Specialist Register.
  • Five further applications are presently being evaluated and five more are available to be evaluated.
  • The second Equivalence Committee meeting of 2023 will be taking place on Thursday 20 July.

The first panel day hosted by the College took place on Thursday 27 April during which 11 evaluations were undertaken. The day consisted of a standard-setting meeting, a collaborative evaluation session and a reflective discussion. Five of these applications were granted for Specialist Registration.

Additional training sessions have been scheduled, the next session will be 20 July and will be online. This session will be open to the existing Equivalence Committee members, and also to consultants who have given notification that they wish to engage as a CESR Evaluator for the College.

The specialty leads of the Equivalence Committee are presently working on updating the SSG in line with the legislative changes coming into action on 30 November 2023.

The change from Indented Learning Outcomes to Higher Learning Outcomes is in progress and the draft SSGs have been submitted to the GMC for comment. We are engaging with the Specialist Advisory Committees to acquire specialty approval and we have a further meeting scheduled with the GMC on 15 July.

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