Completion of Training: CCT and CESR CP 

This page explains how to apply for your certificate at the end of your training and gain entry onto the specialist register.

Please note we will be able to respond to your queries much more efficiently if you email us rather than call us:

Step 1 - Notify the College

When you get to the last six months of training, please notify us at with the following information:

  • Your College membership number
  • Your GMC number
  • Your National Training Number (NTN)
  • Your CCT/CESR CP date
  • Your speciality (and second/sub specialty if applicable).

This enables us to notify the GMC of your upcoming completion date.

Step 2 - Begin your Application

You will now need to begin your application with the College and the GMC for entry to the Specialist Register.

You will need to fill out this application form including full details of your training journey, including any SAS posts, TOOT or any other absences beyond 14 days. The application form needs to be emailed to with a copy of all your ARCP outcome forms from core to the end of higher training. You do not need to wait until you have received your final ARCP outcome form to begin your application. 

If you don't have copies of your ARCP outcome forms please contact your Deanery directly. 

The GMC will contact you via email after they have received the notification from the College. 

Step 3 - Processing

Once we have received your application form and all ARCP outcome forms we will review your application and, in most cases, submit a recommendation to the GMC. During the peak application windows of February and August, it can take a few weeks to process applications so please be patient with us. If you apply within 2 weeks of your completion date, we cannot guarantee it will be processed by your completion date.

Once your recommendation has been submitted to the GMC, we will notify you via email and you will need to complete your application with the GMC.

Please note: the GMC will only award you a CCT or CESR CP if you apply within 12 months of completing your training. 

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