Register as a member of the College

If you’re training in psychiatry in the UK, you need to be registered as a PMPT with the college.

This page explains how to apply for registration as a Pre-Membership Psychiatric Trainee, which is for doctors on:

  • CT1-3
  • ST1-3
  • LAT psychiatry rotation intending to train for the MRCPsych (Membership) Examination.

Do I need to register?

All trainees must register with the College, as set out in the “Gold Guide” (section 2.39):

All doctors in specialty training must enrol/register with the relevant College/Faculty or intercollegiate body so that:

i. progress in their training can be kept under review and supported where required

ii. they can access the educational portfolio, logbooks and assessment documentation for the specialty

iii. eligible trainees can be recommended to the GMC for consideration of award of a CCT or CESR(CP)/CEGPR(CP) at the end of their specialty training

How to register

Step 1:

Complete the:

Step 2:

Email the form to We will send a confirmation email within 48 hours.

Step 3:

Once you have received confirmation, please call +44 (0)203 701 2692/2591 to pay your fee.

  • The annual fee is £142
  • UK-based doctors can opt to pay an extra £44 a year to receive print copies of journals at a reduced rate.
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