Leadership and Management Fellow Scheme

Alumni Network

Welcome to the Leadership and Management Fellow Scheme Alumni Network.

We support Fellows on completion of the scheme by maintaining and developing the networks established during their fellowship and by providing continuing professional development.

The network emerged organically, with a steering committee that is chaired by Alumni, and constantly evolves with fresh ideas and new perspectives as each cohort graduates.

The diversity of our network is one of our key strengths. We have a range of higher trainees and new consultants who have expertise in leadership and management and work throughout a range of mental health organisations across the United Kingdom.

We remain a central part of the scheme and are growing asset to the College as a network of emerging leaders who are passionate about medical leadership and management and passionate about improving patient care.

No matter what your background, we would love to hear from you and welcome exploratory conversations as to whether one of our members or the alumni as a whole can help you in whatever you might be looking to achieve.

With best wishes,

Alumni Network Steering Committee

RCPsych Leadership and Management Fellow Scheme

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