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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness

'Get well soon' cards

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is selling a brand new range of 'Get well soon' cards designed specifically for people who are unwell with mental ill health. These cards have been designed in collaboration with service users, carers, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals. 

The cards come in two striking and colourful designs. Inside the greeting reads:

"Thinking of you at this time. Hope things improve soon."

Research shows that people who are unwell with mental problems receive far fewer cards or messages of support than people with physical health problems, but a College survey shows that 8 out 10 service users say that receiving a 'Get well' card would improve their recovery.

 Get well card - flowers  

Get well card - grapes


How to order 'Get well soon' cards

Individual copies are free, but please send an A5 stamped (53p postage) addressed envelope to:

Leaflets Department,

The Royal College of Psychiatrists,

21  Prescot Street,

London E1 8BB.

Trisha Goddard


The cards have received celebrity backing from TV personality, Trisha Goddard:

"When I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, I was inundated with ‘Get Well Soon’ cards, all of which were really touching.  If you’re thinking I only got those cards because I’m in the public eye, let me just tell you this: when I lived in Australia, I was equally in the public eye and yet when news leaked out that I was in a psychiatric hospital following a breakdown – not a peep!  No cards and certainly no flowers.

If anything increases feelings of isolation and unworthiness just when you’re at your lowest ebb, this does. Feeling ‘invisible’ because people avoid you not knowing what to say rubs salt into a wound, which sometimes takes a long time to heal. That’s why I support this brilliant idea from the College.  It’s a great way of reminding people that a few kind words and a card can help you deal with the pain; whether the hurt is in your heart or your head!"

Further endorsements of the cards by service users.

Proceeds from sales of the cards will help to continue producing the College’s award-winning mental health information, particularly in paper form. Many people, including the elderly or people from disadvantaged backgrounds, don't have access to the internet and value our printed materials. The College does not receive any government funding towards the production of its materials.

The cards form part of the College's current Fair Deal campaign as they promote the concept that you can recover from mental ill health and that service users rarely receive cards, flowers, chocolates or grapes.

Illustrations by Lo Cole   

October 2009

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