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How it works

The Enabling Environments Project is a quality improvement process carried out over the course of three years, leading up to an award. Below is a description of how to complete the process.


The Enabling Environment Portfolio

The first step is a portfolio of evidence, together with questionnaires, that you compile to show that you are an Enabling Environment. 


The Award visit

When your portfolio has passed its interim assessment, your assessor will visit to discuss the evidence and conduct the assessment visit.


Achieving the Award

We compile a summary report, highlighting your strengths and including suggestions for improvement. Once approved you will receive a certificate confirming your three year accreditation.



Your three year Award period

During this time you will have one interim assessment to ensure a high quality of relationships is being sustained.


Membership fees

Details on joining Enabling Environments.


Phase 1: The Enabling Environment Portfolio  

When you sign up you will receive a portfolio pack. It will include guidance notes, with examples, showing you how to complete your portfolio. You will need to demonstrate that all ten Standards for Enabling Environments are met. A set of service user and staff questionnaires are also provided to supplement the evidence given in the portfolio. These can be completed online or on paper. You can choose your own timeline for completing the portfolio – we suggest 3-4 months is ideal. A portfolio must be completed within the first year of membership.


When we have received your questionnaires and portfolio, a trained Enabling Environment Assessor will then examine it and prepare an interim assessment report which outlines your strengths, weaknesses and action points. If the assessment process demonstrates there is not enough evidence, you will either;


  • be given specific additional evidence to collate within three months


  • in the unlikely event that a significant amount of evidence is missing, we will support the service to develop an action plan based on the report, and you will resubmit a Portfolio the following year.

A more detailed description of the process can be found in our Enabling Environments Process Document.




Phase 2: Award visit by an Enabling Environments Assessor

When the portfolio has met all the standards, you will receive a one day assessment visit by an Enabling Environments Assessor. The assessor’s role is to validate the evidence already provided in the portfolio and provide feedback. They also provide support and advice on how to continue to improve the quality of your Enabling Environment.


Phase 3: Award decision

The information from the portfolio, questionnaires and the findings of the assessor are compiled into a Final Report which measures performance against the Award standards, and identifies your service’s strengths and areas for improvement.


The Final Report is passed through the Positive Environments Accreditation Panel (PEAP) for an Award decision. This Panel has the responsibility to ratify the recommendation of the assessor. 


Once the Award is ratified, you will be advised in writing within 14 days, you will receive a certificate and your group/organisation name will be published on our website.


Further information can be found in our Enabling Environments Process Document.


Your three year Award period

Your Award will last three years from the date of the assessment visit. After twelve months you will be asked to complete an interim report (as well as staff and service user questionnaires), to highlight any changes that have occurred. Your report will be assessed and the assessor will recommend to the PEAP if the award status should change. Very occasionally an Award can be terminated if the environment is not successful in its interim assessment.


If the interim assessment is successful, your Award runs for its full three years. Six months before it expires you will be invited to reapply. This will involve the submission of a new portfolio.


Membership fees

Membership of Enabling Environments is for a three year period and can be paid either in one upfront payment or in instalments as below:

£3000 + VAT upfront payment for three years' membership

£1750 + VAT upfront payment for one year's membership.

£500 + VAT upfront for one year associate membership (includes 2 places at EE events, membership pack, but no assessment visit)

Please e-mail for a joining form.


Where next...

Introducing the Award

Find out what our standards are and see how close you are

How it works

Information about the Award process

Take the next step

How to get more information and join the project.

Contact us

If you have any questions, or need more information then please contact one of the team.

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About the Award


Introducing the AwardCofC

Find out what our standards are and see how close you are

How it worksCofC

Information about the Award process

Take the next stepCofC

How to get more information and join the project.

Contact usContact us

If you have any questions, or need more information then please contact one of the team.


  Enabling Environments


Enabling Environments AWARENESS DAYS:

  • Open to organizations who are interested to learn more about the Enabling Environment Award.
  • February and June dates now available.

Enabling Environments CLINICS:

  • Opportunity for EE members to discuss any challenging area in your portfolio process.
  • Various dates available throughout 2017.

How to build your portfolio of evidence:

  • Free workshop open to EE members only to develop an in-depth understanding of compiling a portfolio, plus tips and ideas on gathering evidence.
  • January and June dates now available.

For more information, see website.