RCPsych Equality Champions

Here is a list of our current Equality Champions who help engage in local initiatives to promote equality and equity and to help deliver the College’s Equality Action Plan.


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Please contact equality@rcpsych.ac.uk to find out more information. 

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I have been a Consultant Paediatric Psychiatrist for 18 years working locally, regionally and nationally in Mental Health Leadership roles. I am currently Executive Medical lead for Mental health in Greater Manchester’s integrated care system, visiting professor at Salford University and a trustee for three charities in mental health as well as creative arts. I also advise KOOTH, a leading digital mental health provider.

I am passionate about whole system collaboration for mental health, including our patients and carers and ensuring that we continue to strive for parity for our patients but also our professionals in the field of mental health, creating services where our staff reflect the communities that we serve and where our patients have an equal voice and our staff our given opportunities and supported to develop their careers whoever they are.

I am working as a consultant forensic psychiatrist since last eight years over the course of my life I have had many experiences of being discriminated due to race, belief, culture and gender. I have been strong advocate of equality and diversity which I feel is an important topic of discussions nationally and locally.

During the COVID pandemic it was apparent that COVID had serious outcomes among ethnic minorities and there were concerns about the support offered to individuals from various ethnic background during pandemic. I was Vice Chair of MSC at my previous job and was advocate for equality and diversity for all medical colleagues. I have taken this role of equality champion to be able influence RCPsych policies that can have an impact.

I am a consultant psychiatrist in adult community psychiatry in Watford, Medical Lead for Quality and a Health and Wellbeing Champion at Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust. I am actively involved in health education and campaigns within communities and the general population aimed at reducing the stigma associated with having a mental illness, suicide prevention and more recently, focusing on COVID-related education and support to BAME Staff and communities.

In 2021 I was appointed Equality Champion for the General Adult Faculty. As a Black female psychiatrist and international medical graduate, who arrived in the UK from Lagos, Nigeria about 20 years ago, I have a fair experience of some of the difficulties that being in a minority group can bring. Being an Equality Champion gives me an opportunity to contribute to the Colleges Equality Action Plan, an extremely important piece of work.

I am a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist specialising in Intellectual Disability in the North-West of England. Representing the faculty of Intellectual Disability I am hugely aware of the stigma and injustices associated with being part of a minority group and passionate about advocating, not only for this group of individuals but for any populations or individuals that suffer any discrimination as a result of their age, mental illness, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.

I believe that diversity is not only something that should be accepted but something that should be embraced and encouraged as it can widen our understanding and perspectives which, in turn, can create more innovation and creativity leading to better outcomes. I am proud to be an RCPsych Equality Champion and involved in the important work that they do.

Dr Emma Phillips

I am a Consultant in liaison and older adult psychiatry in Gloucestershire and co-opted member of the Liaison Faculty Executive Committee. I am jointly appointed equality and diversity champion for the Liaison Faculty with Dr Amrit Sachar.

I applied to become an equality champion because I am passionate both about reducing health inequalities for patients with mental illness and widening access to medical and psychiatric education, so that psychiatrists are more representative of society as a whole.

Dr Amrit Sachar

I have been a consultant liaison psychiatrist in West London NHS Trust since 2005. I am currently working with the Trust leadership team and the national WRES team on implementing Medical Workforce Race Equality Standards in her organisation and is a Trust Freedom to Speak Up Champion. I believe that equality issues need to be addressed through both changing culture and through de-biasing the structural inequalities that are inadvertently ingrained in all our systems. I am excited to have joined the College Presidential Leads for Equality and other Champions in order to work towards these goals and embed robust assurance measures at a national level.

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I am a Consultant Psychiatrist in Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Since my training years, I have been passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion and becoming involved in diverse projects with RCPsych, charities and universities.

In 2021 I was appointed Equality Champion for the Neuropsychiatry Faculty at the RCPsych. Becoming an Equality Champion gives me an opportunity to contribute to the College's Equality Action Plan and help to address inequalities against people with neuropsychiatric illnesses by influencing medical education and training.

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I am a psychiatrist within a private German company in Melton Mowbray, focusing on neuro-rehabilitation with patients who have various types of brain injury, including substance misuse. I moved to the UK in 1991 from Ahmedabad, India where I trained in London and achieved a Diploma in Mental Health Law.

In 2021 I was appointed Equality Champion for the Rehabilitation and Social Faculty.

Devolved councils

This position is currently vacant.

I am a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist.  I am also the current Convenor for the Ethnically Diverse Communities Group for the College in Scotland.

As a doctor, it’s my role to focus on the health of the whole person – combining physical, psychological and social aspects of care. A person’s health is influenced by social, environmental and economic inequalities. Ending systemic inequality affects everyone. This is an area we need to improve and develop individually and collectively and it is my honour and responsibility to be a part of the change.

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I am a Consultant Psychiatrist at Fulbourn Hospital for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT). I am also Clinical Tutor in Cambridge and MRCPsych Course Lead at CPFT. In addition, I am an Associate Lecturer at the Clinical School and College Research Associate at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge.

In 2021 I was elected as the RCPsych Eastern Division Equality Champion. Beyond initiatives against racism, I am interested in helping to reduce stigma against people with mental illness in general and believe that changes in medical education such as teaching by educators with lived experience can be an important component towards this. 

I am a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist working for the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. I have a Masters in Mental Health Law and lecture on the Forensic Masters Course at the Institute of Psychiatry, London.

I care for patients from a number of ethnic minorities and diverse backgrounds and work with a wonderful multicultural team. My parents are Indian and I was born and raised in the UK and feel enriched by my diverse working environment and having grown up with two cultures. I however understand inequalities concerning ethnic minorities. My focus is to reduce inequalities, stigma and prejudices as an appointed Equality Champion for the London Division and to work on the RCPsych Equality Action Plan.

I am also a film maker and reducing inequalities and raising socially conscious messages is a core theme within my films.

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I am a Consultant Psychiatrist in Tees Esk & Wear Valleys NHS Trust. My passion/interest in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) stems from my observations, research and events in the UK/worldwide which continue to keep conversations about inequality on the front burner. I have been involved in diverse projects involving a number of stakeholders including RCPsych, charities, community associations, universities etc.

In 2021 I was appointed Equality Champion for the Northern and Yorkshire Executive Division. The College has taken a proactive approach in making EDI one of its key strategic objectives to ensure the vision set out tackle the issues identified for staff, members, patients and carers could be realised.  It is a privilege being able to contribute to much needed work in this area.

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I am Forensic Psychiatrist with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust since 2015 and currently managing Low Secure inpatients in Oxford and forensic patients in Bucks community. I am member of local Medical Staffing Committee and LNC. I am actively involved in Race Equality group and Trauma Informed Care work streams in my forensic service.

I am Equality Champion for the South-Eastern Division which will help to sustain and broaden my ongoing commitment to uphold human dignity even at its most vulnerable by promoting equality, respect, inclusivity and empowerment of our patients and professionals and tackle prejudices, stigma and impediments stemming from historical inequalities and attitudes permeating overtly and covertly in our services. Collectively we can help our multicultural and multi-ethnic psychiatric services to promote and flourish individual and collective well-being and growth in stigma and discrimination free environment befitting 21st century.”

Dr Martin Ansell

I am an old age psychiatrist working in Gloucestershire and am currently the deputy Medical Director of the Trust I work in.

I share the role for the SW division with my colleague Deepak.

As a white British male of a certain vintage I don’t claim to have vast personal experience of facing inequality (other than being a Northerner living down south).

But am keen that everyone should have the same opportunities to succeed as I have had and feel, at this juncture in my career, I have the opportunity to affect change.

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