Appointed College Roles

There are several Appointed Roles outlined in the Bye-Laws and Regulations that advise on, and represent the College in, specific areas of work.  These roles are appointed following advertisement and interview, and have a fixed term of office.

Up to seven Presidential Leads can be appointed as necessary to undertake extraordinary roles identified by the President and ratified by the UK Council. Presidential Leads hold office for a term of up to three consecutive years usually co-terminous with the President identifying the extraordinary role. They are as follows:

  • Presidential Lead for International Affairs – Professor Mohammed Al-Uzri
  • Presidential Lead for Trauma and Military Psychiatry – Professor Neil Greenberg
  • Presidential Lead for COVID-19 Planning in Mental Health – Professor Richard Williams
  • Presidential Lead for Recruitment – currently vacant
  • Presidential Leads for Race Equality - (jointly) Dr Raj Mohan and Dr Shubulade Smith
  • Presidential Lead for Primary Care - currently vacant

Up to seven Associate Deans can be appointed to assist the Dean in all areas of education and training. They are as follows:

  • Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education – Dr Charlotte Wilson-Jones
  • Associate Dean for Advanced Learning and Conferences – Dr Abdul Raoof
  • Associate Dean for Academic Training – Dr Vivienne Curtis
  • Associate Dean for Trainee Support – Dr Israel Adebekun
  • Associate Dean for Equivalence (CESR) – Dr Neeraj Berry
  • Associate Dean for Curriculum – Dr John Russell

The Associate Registrars assist the Registrar with policy and communications and with membership support. The College can appoint up to seven at any one time. They are as follows:

  • Associate Registrar for Leadership and Management – Dr Helen Crimlisk
  • Associate Registrar for Policy Support – Dr Mayura Deshpande
  • Associate Registrar for Mentoring and Coaching – Vacant
  • Associate Registrars for Member Engagement – (jointly) Dr Anand Ramakrishnan and Dr Lenny Cornwall
  • Associate Registrars for Sustainability – (jointly) Dr Jacob Krzanowski and Dr Lisa Page
  • Associate Registrar for Retention and Wellbeing – Dr Mihaela Bucur

Until 2024, our Chief Examiner is Dr Ian Hall.

The Chief Examiner is nominated by the Dean and appointed by the President to serve a five-year term.

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