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Dr Asha Praseedom

Asha Praseedom is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Associate Clinical Director in Cambridge.

She began her journey in psychiatry in Edinburgh where she trained under Professors Eve Johnstone and Steve Lawrie.

Following a move to Cambridge where she completed her training, she took on the role of Clinical Lead for the Cambridge Psychiatric Rehabilitation Service (CPRS), which had been one of the first teams in the UK to use Clozapine when it was re-introduced in the nineties.

She later took on responsibility for a new model of inpatient care, the Assessment Treatment-Recovery pathway, also known as the ‘333’ pathway.

Asha has been a member of the Executive Committee of the Rehabilitation and Social Psychiatry Faculty at RCPsych since 2019, and Vice- chair of the Faculty since June 2021.

In addition to Psychiatric Rehabilitation, her interests include Cognitive Analytic therapy, EMDR, Perinatal mental health, Mental health law, and Medical leadership.

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