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Dr Marianna Nicholson

England - West Midlands


Marianna is passionate about prioritising the well-being of trainees and looks forward to working within the PTC to expand on this further. She is currently a CT3 trainee and has found a few areas of Psychiatry to be of particular interest, including both ends of the age spectrum with CAMHS and Old Age Psychiatry. She believes trainees face multiple challenges and expectations throughout the course of their training, and that this can easily lead to burn out and difficulty focusing on the wider picture with how to shape careers as a whole. Marianna hopes that her time with the PTC will allow her to be a link for trainees to find the right support and professional opportunities during their training.

Outside of work, she enjoys travelling to new places, but equally spending time at home; lucky that living in a rural area allows her to spend a lot of time outdoors.

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