BJPsych Journals FAQs

We have put together this bespoke set of FAQs to answer all your questions about the app, including any login-related issues.

Logging into the BJPsych Journals app

The BJPsych Journals app is a new benefit for current subscribing members of the College and you can access it by logging in with your RCPsych website login details.

These are the details that you may have already used to register as a member with the College, book examinations or College events, access CPD Submissions and CPD eLearning, or even to access the College journals via Cambridge University Press.

If you have ever logged into the College website previously please do not register a new account. This will create a duplicate non-member account which won’t allow you access to the app. Please see the ‘What are my login details?’ section below if you have already registered.

If you haven’t registered a membership website account, please click the Register button on the Login page for the College website, and then enter in the email address that you receive College correspondence from. You will then be prompted to create a username and password for the website, which you can use for the BJPsych Journals app once you have verified your email address.

Your username will typically be the email address where you receive College emails. If you cannot remember your username or password, please click the 'Forgot Password' button on the Login page of the College website. You can enter in your email address to get a password reset email sent to you, which will have a link for you to click and then create a new password that you can use for the BJPsych Journals app.

If you still have any difficulties logging in or resetting your password, you can contact or phone +44(0) 20 8618 4100 and the Membership team will be able to help you.

If you have logged into the app but it doesn’t allow you to read the journals, it may either be because your membership subscription isn’t up-to-date or you have accidentally created a duplicate non-member website account. You can check and pay for your membership subscription on our payment page or check your membership status in our members' area.

If you have an unexpected membership number or membership status showing on the app or online, then that might mean you have a duplicate non-member website account. Please contact the Membership team at or phone +44(0) 20 8618 4100 for help resolving this issue.

Using the BJPsych Journals app

The app has been developed to bring you the latest issues of the journals to you on the go. At launch, the past 12 months’ worth of journals have been loaded on for you to enjoy. If you would like to explore the archive, please access this via the Cambridge University Press website.

Click the ‘file’ (circled in red) icon next to an article or an issue to save for later. The icon will be filled in black when saved.

BJPsych Journals app - save article button

To explore more features of the app, watch this one-minute ‘tour’ of the app.

Click on ‘More’ on the bottom navigation bar and you will find the journals’ podcasts and videos.

The eLetter function is only available on the Cambridge University Press site.

To navigate to the website version of an article, click ‘Download the PDF of this article’ and this will take you through to the article hosted on the Cambridge website. From there, click ‘eLetters’ and then ‘Submit response’.

Please visit the respective journal’s website (listed below) and click ‘Submit’.

Tip: It’s useful to read the instructions for authors before submitting to ensure a smooth process.

You can either submit an eLetter or write to the Journal Editor at one of the following addresses:

Please note only BJPsych Bulletin publishes letters not related to an article published in the journal.

Yes, if you click ‘Save’ on an article or an issue this content will be available for you to read even if you are not connected to WiFi or mobile internet.

The app has been developed as a quick, on-the-go browsing experience. PDFs are hosted on the Cambridge University website and can be accessed using your membership login.

We wanted to bring the RCPsych Membership an exclusive new benefit. We are aware that we have recently rebalanced the member offering of journals but we didn’t want this to lead to a reduction in usage of this essential learning and CPD resource.

Therefore we have brought members a brand new product that allows you to carry the journals with you, flick through the latest issue, or catch up on reading on the train, as you may have done with a print copy.

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