Resources to help you promote psychiatry to medical students

Please use the resources and advice below to help medical students understand more about career in psychiatry.

Psychiatric society

You can recommend that your medical students join the medical school’s PsychSoc, or Psychiatric Society.

These are societies run by students, for students who share an interest in a career in psychiatry.

See our list of PsychSocs.

Resources for discussions


Why do psychiatry? – a consultant psychiatrist provides her perspective

A day in the life of a psychiatrist – two trainees and a consultant

Video - The life of a psychiatrist

Professor Sir Simon Wessely, a former president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, talks about the life of a psychiatrist and gives a glimpse into his career as a psychiatrist who is highly respected in the field.

Student associates

Encourage them to become a student associate.

The Elective Network

The Elective Network is an external organisation which the College does not endorse but which may provide useful information on the elective opportunities open to medical students.

Careers Materials

If you wish to help us promote psychiatry using RCPsych careers resources, please contact:  our careers team

Read more to receive further information regarding a career in psychiatry